High-temperature resistant white tubes: Ceramic tubes with diameter ranging from 4 ~ 35 Ø mm and length within 2 meters are available according to customers¡¦ needs.  They are widely used in heating wiring support and protective jacket, thermal couple jacket, etc.  

Glazed ceramic tubes: Long size glazed ceramic tubes and rods, such as: bar igniters, towel hanging rods, etc. are available.  

Far-infrared ceramic tubes: They are made from materials with high emission rate of far-infrared ray (£`=0.92 ).  

Extrusion of ceramic tubes in various shapes: Various shapes of ceramic tubes are available according to the needs of specific customers.

Ceramic insulation tubes for HID: High precision. High break-resistant, Not easy to crack, High isolation, Low leakage of electricity. Outer diameter : 2.0, Internal diameter : 0.95, High voltage-resistant¡G5000V, Colors : blue, brown, pink, white¡C

High-temperature resistant white tubes

Glazed ceramic tubes

Glazed ceramic tubes

Glazed ceramic tubes

Far-infrared ceramic heater

Far-infrared ceramic tubes

Extrusion of ceramic tubes in various shapes

Ceramic insulation tubes for HID